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Week #3 - 4th of July Request

Well, things are rolling here at the ‘Nest. We’ve got a pretty good sanitation routine going. And I now have a second job as an Irish Washerwoman each night due to the amount of laundry each day produces. (My high school gym teacher played the dulcimer and taught us folk dance on Fridays. The only one I remember is the Irish Washerwoman. Pretty little song.)

So far so good. However…I want to continue to be as safe as possible. And with July 4th coming up, I'm asking you to do me a proper. If you will be attending a large gathering* that weekend, please do not book and please reschedule anything you have booked, for the week of July 6-11. While that might not make a full 14 days, it should give plenty of time for you to find out if the Coronavirus hit that gathering and if you need to do a 14 day self-quarantine.

Thank you for being awesome!

*large gathering: n. A gathering of people in a setting where social distancing and proper mask wearing is not possible. 

Heh.  Seriously though…you should know it when you see it. And anything over 25 certainly qualifies as a large gathering.


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