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Sparkling Isolation Day #46

For a little levity to this heavy message, I wanted to point out the cover photo... it's a piece of fabric I was going to use in my kitchen... until I pointed out to my CMO that the pattern kinda looked like the coronavirus... so instead I'll be making masks out of it!

Hello all. So this week Governor DeWine put out the first 15 days of his plan to reopen Ohio’s economy. As most of you likely know, massage therapists were not part of that phase. Honestly, it could happen on the 15th and I think June 1st at the latest. Here is a video

that I think gives a fairly good idea of what his team is trying to accomplish. I am grateful to live in Ohio. I believe that our leadership is doing an amazing job of combining science and a legitimate respect for human life and well being to create a plan that not only keeps us safe in our current situation, but will set us up to be stronger in the future. I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around what this means for Peace and Good Things going forward. I need to change the orientation of the room so that intakes are safer. I already have a fair amount of time allotted between appointments but that likely needs to be increased further. Will I even be able to secure rubbing alcohol before massage offices are opened back up? Will my clients suffocate if they try to wear a mask in a face down position? (Yes.) Do they really need to wear a mask when on the table as long as I am wearing a mask? (Likely.) What all new supplies do I need to buy to enable me to meet the standards that the state will require? (A lot.) Likely as not there will be some other company re-org that goes on as well. During a pandemic you have a lot of time to figure on and look into how things are organized and what that costs in resources. I suspect that there will be new operating hours and new package structures. And you also have an opportunity to look at where you fit in the larger economic landscape. I am grateful for how important I am in your lives. But I am deeply saddened to experience how little I matter in the larger context. Main Street is important to you. We are the backbone of your day-to-day. We are invaluable in creating communities. However, in the grand scheme, we are fairly insignificant. It’s humbling, I suppose. But it does give one pause. Then there is the mortality of the whole thing to think on. Right now, this is killing a small percentage of a specific part of our population. But even that small percentage is a vast number of human lives. Plus we still don’t understand the virus and how it really works. And at 46, I am knocking on the door of that population, anyway. And if it takes the course of the 1918 pandemic, it could begin to affect a much broader part of our population. Is that our second act of this? We cannot say. But if I could die tomorrow...or far worse, those I love the most die tomorrow...well, how DO I want to live today? Heavy stuff, my friends. Heavy stuff. It would be disingenuous to pretend that all is light and roses. There is an intrinsic flaw in the cult of positivity. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t try to control our reactions to things. Or to reframe, reframe, reframe as often as necessary. I actively work on my attitude of gratitude. Pretty much daily. It’s a powerful tool in a mental health toolkit. And so is John Krasinski...his Some Good News shows really remind me of how awesome humans can be and that encourages me to be better, too. So I will leave you on that positive note! Here’s a good one.


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Been thinking about you a lot through these last few months, Eliza! Glad to hear you have been thinking about what all needs to be done so you can safely reopen. I will be one of the first on your schedule when the time comes—assuming I’m in town, that is! Sending peaceful and restorative vibes your way. —Jody Passafume

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