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People who are saying good things about us...

Reading testimonials often makes me feel shy.  It always makes me feel blessed.  My clients are the best.  I love working with each and everyone of you.  You are such a key part of my wonderful life!

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Eliza simply has the most amazing hands! I've had a lot of massages from many different therapists and I have NEVER felt as renewed as I do after I've spent an hour with her! I refuse to go anywhere else now. She helps your whole being—body, mind and soul. I HIGHLY recommend Peace & Good Things.”

Galen H., Columbus, OH

Eliza is incredible!  I have had MANY massages in my life and NONE have come close to the experience I had on Eliza's table! Her holistic approach to wellness was right in line with what I believe and what is proven to be the most effective. I have some physical/medical problems that can be a challenge for a therapist and she intuitively knew how to address each one of them. You, Eliza, are a healer in every sense of the word and I look forward to seeing you again when I return to Columbus!
Jessica O., Mt Pleasant, SC




I absolutely cannot say enough about Eliza's ability to pinpoint the actual problem (sometimes it isn't where it hurts) and not only rectify it but tell you what you need to do (or not do, in my case) for preventative measures.  She is wildly intuitive and 'really' cares about her craft. REALLY!  I have referred many friends here.
Heather A., Columbus, OH

"Hands of a goddess! Eliza can give massages that range from therapeutic to incredibly relaxing and anywhere in between. Come for the technical expertise, stay for the genuine care. Eliza is great!"

Zach H., Columbus, OH

I was very apprehensive, having never had a massage before, but Eliza listened to all of my concerns and put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable and seemed to know instinctively just where the problem points were. She even showed me a pressure point to use at home when my muscle tightened up and it really worked. I am so thankful that a co-worker recommended Eliza. Now I'm doing the same.

Debbie, Columbus, OH

"I'm a dental hygienist. Over the years I have really done some damage. I've been doing massage therapy to try and help with the pain that had grown worse and worse over the years. It finally got so bad that there was intense pain on my neck and numbness in my left fingers. Eliza does a different style therapeutic massage. My other massages focused on just the area that was bothering me. But Eliza works the whole section and incorporated different techniques to access those areas. I haven't left her since. Eliza has been a God send and a shining light in dark times."

Leslie H., Columbus, OH

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