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See you soon...

What a year it has been. What a year. Many people can’t wait to say good riddance. I’m not really one of them. For one thing…y’all. We are not actually in the homestretch. So saying good riddance to 2020 might lead you to some sadness and some bad decision making. But even if that wasn’t the case, I still wouldn’t be saying good riddance.  

That might not seem quite right to you. We have all struggled mightily. And personally, it was a very expensive and very tiring year. And I’m ending it with a closing down my company for a couple-few months. And as many of you have guessed, I’ve given up the ‘Nest and so when I do re-open it won’t be in that beloved space. Twenty-twenty was the end of an era for me.

But the end of an era isn’t always a bad thing. As I packed up and folded the Nest into my home, I touched all the things. Decided what was important to me. What was worth taking with me…and what was not. I got rid of a lot of dead wood in this last month of 2020. And the problem with dead wood is more than just clutter. A plant keeps trying to feed dead wood, wasting resource that could be used for existing and new growth. I feel lighter and more powerful than I’ve felt in at least a couple-few years. 

And that is a great place to be while you’re waiting to see what is next. What is next? I’m excited to see. 

This year also taught us A LOT. At least that is true for me. It reminded me of a lot that I once knew, but let myself forget. Of what my life looked like when it was quieter. Shutdown wasn’t without its challenges. That’s for sure. But I cooked more. And spent a lot less. I worked on projects and was able to work on them with focused concentration, from start to finish. It reminded me of what it felt like when I owned a bit more of my own time. Wow, had I just been running. Brutal, really. Many of us live a bit brutally. I am grateful for the opportunity to be so very definitively knocked off my path. 

Now opening back up in June was intense and a lot of the above went to…uh…well, shit, to be honest. And the ensuing six months were even more brutal, truth be told. But the reminders remained. 

And now I have the amazing opportunity to CHOOSE a shutdown. And I have the opportunity to pause and decide my next step instead of being pulled along in the current of what is. And while I’m deciding, I get to sleep and read and cook and be with my dogs and remind my posterior muscle chain that it likes to work (my anterior muscle chain is VERY overenthusiastic). Oh! And I’m going to release every muscle in my face. My jaw, guys. It’s intense. Oh! And this one very specific muscle in my forearm. Has never forgiven me for building that tiki bar this past summer. I’m also taking up tea drinking as a meditative activity. And that’s about as far as my ambition goes. Sleep, relaxation, release and quiet contemplation. 

I will be back…and not too long from now. The vaccine will make it to the general population by April. I will find a space that supports a graceful practice. We will be together again in short order. In the meantime, take care of yourselves…and others. If nothing else, 2020 has taught us that we truly are all in this together. And I am grateful that 80% of us have embraced this. If not, we would have certainly been sunk. 

Peace and good things and see you soon!


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