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COVID-19 Appointment Guidelines

What you need to know before coming into the ‘Nest for your massage appointment.

For your appointment:

  1. To minimize contact between clients we ask that you wait in your car until I text you that the coast is clear. Please confirm that your profile includes your correct cell phone number. Or I can come onto the lawn and wave…

  2. Face masks must be worn upon entering the ‘Nest. And, unfortunately, they must be worn when you are face up on the table. I know this is uncomfortable. I am working on options so that you don’t need to wear one while face down. The Medical Board’s guidelines state that you are to put on your face mask BEFORE rolling from on your stomach to onto your back. I do have a supply of disposable masks. However, I appreciate you bringing your own, if possible. I ask that the mask you bring is clean. I know a bunch of us have one we keep in our cars that are good in a pinch. But that’s not the one I’d like you to wear.

  3. I will take your temperature for you with a touchless thermometer. I don’t have a great deal of confidence in this technology. However... and that said: If you have a fever or are feeling unwell PLEASE do not come in. As has always been my policy, there is no cancellation fee if you are unwell. During this time I am extending that policy to include other members of your household.

  4. If you have been in a high-risk environment within 14 days of your appointment, I ask that you cancel. (Our less than 24-hour notice cancellation fee policy IS still in effect so be mindful of that.) High risk environments include things like public pools, large gatherings, parks and travel.**

  5. If you are not a person who practices social distancing and mask recommendations, you should consider not booking

For your health:

  1. We’ve added a high powered window fan to increase air circulation

  2. Over blankets and smocks will be swapped out for each client

  3. Disposable hand towels in the bathroom plus 2 pedal-step garbage cans

  4. Ample hand sanitizer is available - Please use it upon entering and at any point you feel you might like a little.

  5. There is a little bowl and tray next to your chair in the treatment room for your keys and whatnot. They are wiped down/swapped out between each client. Please contain those items there. Feel free to give them a spritz with rubbing alcohol if you’d like to give them a quick cleaning.

  6. Disinfecting between clients using a 70% rubbing alcohol solution. Additionally, full cleaning will take place on a regular basis.


  1. While I will continue to perform Maternity Massage, clients should talk to their OBGYN to assess risk before coming in. We are temporarily suspending 90-minute Maternity Massages and only offering the 60-minute service.

  2. Because of my reduced hours, I may reach out to you asking you to shift your appointment time to accommodate another client’s request. Please understand that you 100% can say NO. I respect that and want you to feel comfortable doing so. But if it’s graceful for you to shift 30-minutes in either direction...then I will appreciate the grace you are adding to my schedule!

**I think it would be fairly unjust to consider healthcare workers and essential employees as high-risk. That said, I would ask you to use some good judgement. Do some self-assessment of the risk you’ve been exposed to, weighed against available PPE. Be logical when deciding how to approach face/neck/upper shoulder work. And, if possible, choose the last appointment of the day.

Click here to read our full opening statement.


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