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New Year Self Care Workshop

Because you cannot fill from an empty cup.

Sunday, Dec 29 | Noon to 3:00 p.m.

$75 per person

Limited to 8 guests

As you may know, at Peace and Good Things we don’t care for the whole “New Year New You” thing and aren’t really a fan of resolutions either. We MUCH prefer to pair an awareness of the fact that you are already enough and fabulous with some good affirmations...because who couldn’t enjoy a little more joy, health or satisfaction? And those are the types of things that affirmations bring you. So when Kelly floated the idea of a New Year Self Care Workshop, I was very excited.

The 3-hour event will focus on exploring the idea of what REAL self-care looks like. Kelly has more than a decade of personal development instruction experience and it shows in the nuts and bolts of the program she has developed and shared with me. You are in for quite the enjoyable and effective treat!

During the day you will explore the three primary foundations of Self Care, engage in a Self Care Assessment and then develop a Self Care Plan. Hopefully this sounds exciting. But if it sounds intimidating, let me remind you...I’ve seen the nuts and will be expertly guided through this process.

And to tie it all up in a bow, you’ll leave with five “portable and practical” tools designed to help you return to center each day...or, heck, at any moment in one of THOSE days. Pretty marvelous.

Along with the guided material you will be provided with a journal, pen, and some treats that are designed to support thoughtful and purposeful living.

It’s a marvelous opportunity to set yourself up for little gentler and more supportive lifestyle in the upcoming year. Or at anytime. Self-care can start at anytime. But the human brain loves sure does a good breaking up of time into “seasons” and the New Year is inspiring.

Join us!

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