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Turns out, life's speed bumps might actually be a good thing.

So yesterday on my personal Facebook page, I kvetched HARD about what I see as an epidemic of incompetence going on out there in the world. I'm not wrong that there is a lot of it going on. I still haven't figured out why a lot of people are not more actively engaged in their life. (My money is on it being a focus issue more than a skill/intelligence/capability issue.) But as I am wont to do, I gave it a think through last night in order to discover what MY part in it was. And here's what I've come to...I'm too busy. Here's the thing. I am an efficiency master. I can schedule my life down to dang near 5 minute segments. And if I do this and then that in this order, and throw in that activity that only takes one minute to will save me 2 hours on the back end. And generally, this is a great skill set to have. But I'm over doing it a bit. Because when things go wrong ( the Chinese food restaurant not having white rice prepped 10 minutes into them being open...which I was fetching as a base to my lunch as I boogied home between appointments so I could squeeze in a walk with the dogs...) then I become VERY annoyed. Speed bumps. You people are throwing speed bumps into my path. Dang ya. But what are speed bumps intended for? They aren't meant to be rage producing... they are meant to force you to slow down for your own good and for the good of those around you. And if I was driving through my life a bit more as if it was a parking lot and not the autobahn...well, yeah.

So this morning, as I lay trapped under the sweetness that is my old soldier dog Duck, worrying slightly about the lack of productivity this is causing in my morning... well, I reorged my thinking. Gently petting this creature who I love sooo much is a VERY productive way to spend my morning. And today I will try to fluff up my time instead of trim seconds off of it. By doing this I should create enough space in my life that I might could extend grace to those who need it. Including myself, I'd imagine. Last night was a new moon...and for those of you who believe, the end of mercury in retrograde... A good time to reset, set some new intentions and breathe a sigh of relief. I'mma gonna spend my day thinking on a calm and cooling mantra for August. Will keep you posted 😉


I still ran down stairs after writing this to put a load of laundry in on delay wash...because #efficiency #savesmeanhourtonight

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