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Meet Karen Rugh of Heal Thyself

The 'Nest is growing and we are excited to introduce the newest edition to the flock! Karen Rugh, of Heal Thyself, will be practicing Reiki at the WellNest starting in March.

“I now understand that I am here in this world, at this time, to help heal the perceptions of those around me, thereby healing the world.” Being an advocate for your own wellness can be challenging. And what does that look like? Do you do what you can, when you can? Or do you make the choice to schedule your wellness into your busy schedule until it becomes habit. I remember around a decade ago when something in me shifted, and I knew that some things had to change. It had nothing to do with filling my schedule full of the right “things” to do. It had everything to do with finding some stillness, some balance within myself. And then more importantly, maintaining that overall sense of well-being. We owe it to ourselves to pay attention to the needs of mind, body and spirit. That connection is so real and so powerful. Emotions, left unprocessed, open the door to illness and dis-ease in the body and mind, which then in turn affects the spirit. Forming a daily practice was crucial to honoring my quest for overall wellness and I discovered that it could look any way I wanted it to look AND it could change on a daily basis. It became not so much what I did daily as much as the overall sense of self and what I needed on any given day. I learned to get still with my thoughts so I could journal to get in touch with my emotions. And I learned to regularly schedule energy work… massage, reiki, yoga… to help release those emotions because they didn't serve me anymore. And because we attract what we want/need, a sisterhood of like-minded women grew to support me and me them. Beautiful unfolding. One of my favorite quotes is from a beautiful witchy woman named Maia Toll. “Medicine in the oldest sense of the word, is anything that heals you – mind, body or spirit.” Reiki is simply one of the tools, one piece of the puzzle to help you achieve and/or maintain your wellness. And once we begin the journey, we see through a different set of eyes; as we find balance, our energy flows more freely. Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

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