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The 'Nest - 2.0

So, there are big changes coming to the ‘Nest. Step one, though, is me moving out from my quarters upstairs. It’s been an amazing thing, the ability to live above my business, only paying one rent, only having to supply one collection of furniture and pretty things. It has helped me tremendously and allowed me to build my company with a fair amount of grace and ease. But now I’ve grown busy and keeping those two lives separate has become very hard. Neither the business side of the building nor my personal side has been impeccable in months. I see little bits of my personal life strewn about the ‘Nest. And my living quarters range from complete chaos to managed chaos. And the dogs. Oh, the dogs. Duck sheds like a son of a gun. And they have both grown discontent with the knowledge that I am downstairs and they are not. Also, laundry. So much of my spare time is consumed with laundry. So many sheets and nowhere to install a washer/dryer. Yes, what was a gift has now become a bit of a burden. It is time to take my next leap and see what I can create next. Because you and I did create quite a beautiful thing here at the ‘Nest 1.0. Those of you who have been with me the longest might recall what it looked like at first. Such a shoestring budget of hodge podge. A free couch for the sitting room, bare walls and few finishing touches. But slowly, a vision came together. Yet long before that vision ever coalesced, the good bones of this place shone through. So many people other than just me find it just as lovely as I do. She’s a grand ol’ crooked and sloped pile of charm. And now I’m beginning to dismantle her a bit. I know it’s time, not just in my head, but in my heart because this would have been a sad process a couple years ago. But now it’s an exciting one. Deciding what will stay and what will go on to my new home has been a thoroughly enjoyable process. As things move into boxes and furniture is thinned, space and breathing room appears in my cabinets and on my shelves; in my main rooms and in my hallways. And what that breathing room represents is opportunity. We’ve created so much here. You Time, Stone Soup Socials, Salons, Wellness Education, House Concerts, Arts & Crafts evenings...and more; more than I can remember, likely. This space has held laughter, tears, fun, creativity, healing, learning, growing and just plain feeling good. And now, I get to expand upon all of that. Revitalize my programing, offer new modalities for health and healing, expand our community, and all around become a landing pad for awesome. And yet, amid all this excitement (I do love a good project) I am mindful of that which makes Peace and Good Things unique. I don’t want to lose that essence. The feeling of quiet, the relaxed pace, the personal, the attention to detail, the connected-ness, the level of experience and quality of touch. This is the part that I am nervous about. Finding the right people and the right additions. Creating the right change. But as I am nervous about it, you don’t need to be. It will not be a rushed process. It will be done with great care. And please pardon our dust and bareness as we shift to the WellNest 2.0.

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