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Favorite Things - Everybody Needs a Rita

Oh ENAR, how I do love thee. But for the grace of Everybody Needs a Rita, go I. And I ain’t kidding. It’s all well and good to have a great product or service to sell, but if no one knows about you it just doesn’t matter. Three years ago I was struggling. And now I have a vibrant and thriving company. And that really must be contributed to Rita. She created a brilliant website and continues to keep it relevant via all the gazillion ever changing things that you need to do to keep a website relevant. She creates and manages lovely marketing campaigns that connect me directly with my community of clients. She keeps me going on Facebook, which is NOT my forte but apparently is VERY important for one’s online visibility. And the graphics she creates! Gorgeous. And the work she does through my booking software - she’s genius level at that...smarter that at least 90% of the help desk techs they employ. (Which isn’t actually a dig at Mindbody - when I’ve explained to them who they are dealing with they have given her access to that other 10%.) There are so many moving parts to all of this and yet she manages it all with grace and ease. I really can’t comprehend the brain that does that. Additionally, she CARES. It is easy for her to care about me and our company, sure. But she cares just as much for all the small businesses she helps. Her passion is helping others be able to make a living via their own passions. That’s pretty darn cool. And, amazingly enough, she is affordable. Now, if you’re dinging around with your company, you need not hire her. You can ding around for free. But as soon as you are ready to actually work your business, when you are ready to commit to your dream, then she becomes an excellent investment. In my experience, marketing help is essential but the cost of a firm is just out of reach. You make it work, you stretch your budget and find the money...but you end up on the economy package that garners you the least skilled, the least pro-active and the least individualized marketing. With Rita you get the most skilled, the most pro-active and the most individualized of marketing. She helps you discover and define your company, she gives you a voice, she keeps your messaging consistent, she helps you stop wasting time on things that don’t work, she helps you discover what does. I know she’s my sister and that, perhaps, makes this glowing of an endorsement seem suspect. But I ain’t kidding. I owe at least 50% of my success to her. (I tried, over Thanksgiving with my mamma’s folks to give her 75% but my other sister, Catherine wasn’t having it, so I’ll ratchet it back a bit.) If you have a small business and are ready to thrive I highly recommend you sign up for her introductory meeting. You won’t regret it.

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