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Favorite Things - Misty Skeen, Energy Worker

I often get asked about energy work. Many people have run into the words, things like Reiki, Cranio-Sacral and Polarity, but don’t have any idea of what they mean. Here’s what I tell them: Humans are an electrical system. And our brains and our cells are computer systems. Energy work aims to balance out the electrical system and clean up our hard drives. Now that is a very simple explanation for some very complex healing modalities. Getting deeper into it we would talk about things like your spinal system and the importance of the cranial and sacral nerves to your sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system. We would talk about things like meridians and blockages of the energetic flow. We would talk about the residue that trauma leaves in your energy field and in your DNA. We would talk about the divine. And all of this might sound pretty woo-woo. I know it did to me when I first came upon it in massage school. But what school taught me, and in no uncertain terms, is that there is a lot of stuff out there that I might not understand but that is still real. And I also like to tell the story of Misty Skeen and my foster pup Duck. Duck came to me traumatized. And I did a lot to work with him, but he was incapable of being in my upstairs apartment without me if he knew that I was downstairs in the ‘Nest working. Crates were destroyed, huge chunks were taken out of the door that separated us, there are still claw marks in the floor. My little bubba was not okay. And I couldn’t have this because the agreement was any dogs I fostered had to be quiet dogs because sound travels and I can’t have that while massaging. So the rescue sent Misty to me. And she told me a lot about Duck and then she did Reiki on him. And I am telling you...he was a different dog immediately. The next day I had a two hour massage with a new client and I said to’ve got to sit up there quietly. And he did. And he has every day since that day. And here’s the thing to remember...dogs don’t experience placebo. I still do not understand exactly what it is she does. But she is doing something powerful. And it works on humans too. Misty is a Reiki Master Teacher offering Reiki sessions, Polarity Therapy, Shamanic Drumming Journeys, Aromatherapy, Animal Communication, and Chakra Balancing through energy work, meditation, and exercises. She hold certificates in Polarity and Reiki as well as having over 150 hours of training in herbs and aromatherapy. She is also a shamanic practitioner and was initiated into the Clan of the Crow in 2009. In short, this lady is a powerhouse of amazingness. If you’ve ever been curious about energy work or already know about it and are searching for a practitioner I highly recommend experiencing her work. You can reach her at 614-657-0316 or 614 657 0316

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