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Favorite Things - Norwex

How do I love Norwex? Let me count the ways. Norwex is the shiznit, plain and simple. At the heart of the product line is the Norwex Envirocloth. With just water, this little baby will clean, with ease, the hardest of stuck-on messes, yet can also be used to clean the softest of marble and stainless steal appliances. Couple that with its partner the polishing cloth and it will be a streak-free clean to boot. (More on that cloth later.) It also removes more bacteria than commercial cleaners. Yes, with just water. Which means no chemicals. No chemical residue. It’s kinda like a miracle, really. Most things that are good for you are just a bit harder than their not-so-good-for-you counterparts. But not with Norwex. It makes cleaning remarkably easier, (plus things stay cleaner longer**) while at the same time being as environmentally friendly and non-toxic as you could hope for. As Eliza’s Favorite Things continues I will highlight my eight can’t-do-without items from the product line. Get excited about cleaning products, people. Seriously. ** chemicals in cleaning products leave a residue that actually attracts dust and dirt…. Meaning you have to clean more.. And buy more cleaning products….

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My favorite Norwex items

Enviro Cloth and Window (polishing) Cloth

This pair of cloths is the core of the Norwex product line. The envirocloth cleans anything. The most amazing thing it has ever cleaned with ease was my tea kettle that had been living on my stove for way too long. You know that gunk...layers of thin coats of grease and oil covered by thin coats of dust. It a horrible mess. Didn’t faze the envirocloth even for a minute. I also love that I don’t have to switch cloths or cleaning products to clean the whole kitchen. The first time I broke this baby out, I started with the stove top, moved on to the counters, then the cabinets, then I even cleaned my door jambs, because I just got carried away. And then I rinsed it and washed my windows...which isn’t actually true but I could have! The polishing cloth makes a streak-free shine on windows, stainless steel, mirrors, and that hard lacquered wood that was popular in the 60s easy breezy. AND! As it is embedded with colloidal silver it “self-cleans.” Which is to say - every time your cloth dries completely, it becomes a clean cloth.

Now eventually you will need to wash it, but it will take a while. And because of that you are not going to get that gross mildew smell. All and all, a fabulous product that, like the Tupperware I talked about yesterday, will pay for itself about 4 times over.

The enviro cloth WILL clean anything, and easily. But if you want to reduce the elbow grease, this is your guy. It’s a chalk that apparently you could eat with no ill effect and I’m pretty confident that one jar of it will likely last you a lifetime...Makes bathtub cleaning a snap. I also use it on my linoleum floor tiles. Really helps me get into the crevices that the texture of the tiles creates. And it’s the only thing I’ve found that does. (I had to hold this to my favorite 8 items but I’m going to give the mop system a shout out here. I’ve used a lot of types and it’s the best.)


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