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Favorite Things - 31 and Tupperware

Thirty-One The Thirty-One utility tote is a game changer. As the company is now huge, I can hardly believe there is a person out there that doesn’t own one (or seventeen). But just in case… The utility tote is made of a lightweight fabric that is ridiculously strong. This means that even when you load it up but proper is still feels like a reasonable load. I know that the difference is only 2-5 lbs in weight, but when you are carrying a picnic to the park it begins to matter. They’ve also done a fabulous job with the carrying handles. They are just the right length so that you can carry it by hand or slung over your shoulder. And they are a good width too - they don’t dig in, but are also not unwieldy. The totes are made out of a wipe-able material so they can be wiped down (with your Norwex Envirocloth) and remain fairly stain free (the innards are white and will eventually darken). The totes also flatten down for easy storage. The sisters and I also toss one in a suitcase when we go on our travels. You might be surprised how handy they can be - water, towels, suntan lotion, snacks all in this tidy little package. Oh! And if it does get a titch heavy for one it is super easy to carry it between two people - one handle a person. These days they also have a slightly larger version of the original tote (the Deluxe Utility Tote). I’m not going to say it is one of my favorite “go-to” things, but when I need just a little bit more room it is pretty darn awesome. Our friend, Kelly, who is one of our favorite people, is our consultant for both Thirty-One and Tupperware. She has opened an online party for us. All commissions from the party will be donated to the Northwest Special Olympics, one of HER favorite things!

Tupperware We all know that Tupperware is good quality stuff. Kinda like a good cast iron skillet, you may have even inherited some from your mom. I admire a product that is built to last. (Not all products are - my engineer father taught me about planned obsolescence and it’s just not a decent way to conduct business IMHO)

I don’t actually own a great deal of Tupperware. My needs are small and most of them involve mason jars. However, its Fridgesmart containers are simply amazing. Apparently, different fruits and vegetables “breathe” at different rates. I’m not really certain what this means, but when you control for it by allowing more or less air flow into the container your fruits and veggies magically stay all nice and fresh for a magically long time...we’re talking about for weeks, not days. They are so magically good that I have simply taken out my crisper bins (or where fruits and vegetables use to go to die) and stacked these in their place.

I am certain that they have paid for themselves about four times over. I highly recommend you buy yourself a set IMMEDIATELY. Did I mention they are magical?

Want to shop Tupperware? We're doing an online party for it as well!

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