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Endeavor Defense and Crossfit

Sooooo...many of you know that I’ve started doing CrossFit. It’s really quite hilarious, given so much about me. I mean, these people are crazy. They believe they can do ANYTHING. Wait a minute...maybe CrossFit does resonate with me….but I digress. I didn’t start out looking for a CrossFit gym. Instead I met one of the co-owners of Endeavor who seemed like my people. So I told her I’d check out her gym. When I stopped in I met a different co-owner and he impressed me and I felt comfortable. So I signed up for their month-long introductory class. I was pretty blown away by the breadth of knowledge of the instructor. And I’ve now trained under many of them and I continue to be amazed. They know the body. They know how to make it strong. They know how to do it safely. And they understand how to address weakness that leads to imbalance (which leads to injury, generally). In short: these people are smart, smart, smart. And I love it. Also CrossFit is a powerful fitness program, well rounded and effective. When done correctly, it creates a stable and strong body. Endeavor has an awesome Holiday Fitness Challenge that is starting up November 7. It’s a great program - well designed and thoughtful. A perfect jump start to your New Year’s Affirmations. I know it’s a quick turn around, but if you can swing it I highly recommend you do. That said: even if you can’t take part in the Challenge they run that month-long introductory class 12 times a year. And here’s the amazing thing about it: Even if you don’t end up enjoying CrossFit, you will have woken up all the muscles/muscle systems in your body and will be measurably stronger at the end of it. This leaves you well situated to continue the search for the exercise form you will enjoy. Worth every penny and every drop of sweat.

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