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New Year, No New You Necessary!

So there are people out there; murderers, rapists, pillagers and plunderers of all sorts and varieties who might indeed need a good redemption...who might need to find a new them in 2016. Probably none of those people are reading this. You and me and most of the people on this planet do not need a new us in 2016.

See...we are enough just as we are. We have always been enough and we will always be enough...So instead of thinking on a new you, you are better served thinking on what kind of awesomeness you’d like to add to your existing awesomeness. How would you like to flesh out your body-health, mind-health or spirit-health?

Get creative and dream big. Write down your affirmations (resolutions are for the birds!) and read them every day until they internalize in belief and manifest in reality. Go for it! Determine that this will be a very good year, indeed. And tragedy may find you...that is just life. But even that is not so bad...because loss is part of love.

Be triumphant!

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