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Celebrating 12 days of Christmas

For most of you Christmas is over. All that hustle and bustle and last minute to-dos culminating in one day - and for many of us, even that one day is composed of enough movement and doing that we could say it culminates in maybe just a couple hours.

But in the traditions of my home and hearth I get 12 more days to enjoy that culmination. The Twelve Days of Christmas to be exact. These are the days between the birth of Jesus and the Maji’s arrival at his crib. They are a wonderful 12 days and in my childhood home, our tree stayed up until the 6th (we didn’t even put it up until a day before Christmas Eve) and the wise men of our manger scene would travel across the living room a little bit each day until they arrived before the baby Jesus. It was, and still is, awesome.

So, I invite you to pause. Keep your Christmas music in your ipod rotation, enjoy your decorations a little bit more, keep connecting with family and friends. Rest a little bit more than you might usually. And above all, reflect on the year that has been and the year that will be, contemplate the sacred in the world and the sacred in you.

And enjoy my 12 days of Christmas, designed to bring you just a little bit of extra luxury, love and attention with no extra investment and sometimes even less. Just call me Santa Claus.

My kings are on the move and Christmas spirit is still running through my veins.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holy-days, and a Joyous New Year to all. Each and every one of us. No exceptions.

Peace and Good Things.

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