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Real people, real tea



Traditionally I've always been a coffee girl…well, since one particularly epic camping trip in New Jersey. A cup of diner coffee has never been so delicious. Tea, however, has woven its way through my life in delightful ways. Many a Sunday evening was spent on a Brooklyn rooftop drinking tea and unwinding the mysteries of life and similar twenty-something year old conversations. And many a morning living in Holland began with tea served out of a bright yellow teapot. Mornings during my kickboxing days always started with green tea. I find that when tea is part of my life I am somehow healthier.

Mostly I've drank tea out of the grocery aisles. And I've enjoyed it. But now that I've been introduced to exceptional tea by Ms. Kelly Baldwin of Tealightful, I don't think I can ever go back. She hosted a party at the 'Nest and I can tell you that it was fascinating. I had no idea that tea appreciation is as complex as wine appreciation. There are tannins, there are growing seasons and conditions... I loved how knowledgeable and passionate Kelly was about her product.

And though it doesn't smell QUITE as good as after an essential oils class, when a client leaves after enjoying a cup, the tea leaves fills the air like a bouquet of flowers.

Sound interesting? We will be hosting Kelly at the 'Nest next month on the Sept. 23. Come out and join us!

Real People, Real Tea

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