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Did you miss this month's You Time event?

Don't worry, we'll have another!

Saturday's YOU TIME event was perfect! I was totally thrilled that our guests were so blown away by how simple and effective 5 minutes of self-care can be. "Wow" and "amazing" were the dominant comments. And then Karen brought healing and relaxation on a systemic level to everyone with mini-aroma touch technique treatments. It is truly profound how powerful light touch and oils can be.

We brought it on home with some great conversation about our struggles and triumphs with finding the balance between giving to others and taking care of us...While enjoying wine and cheese just to add a level of decadence to the morning.

Can't wait for our next one! I know just the right people will arrive. And then more and more ripples of healing will reach out into our families and our extended community. I am blessed to have not just a career but a vocation. Mamma never got the priest she was hoping for out of my five brothers, but I like to think that she's pretty satisfied to have gotten me... after all they are her words that are my company's namesake. As she would say...Peace and Good Things!


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