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The power of essential oils

Oils are amazingly powerful. Now I’m not a particularly god-fearin’ human, but it makes sense to me that a higher power would have put on earth just what you need to be healthy. Good food is one…and is really your first line of defense…and offense, too. I’d say medicinal plants are the second line. And there are many ways to access their healing powers, but oils are one great way. They are highly potent and easy to use. You can basically make over your entire medicine cabinet. Treat basic ailments, combat stress, regulate mood and hormones, or manage pain…the list goes on and on*.

*Though a holistic approach is the ideal, western medicine IS valuable. We encourage you to work with your professional healthcare practitioner to safely and effectively integrate oils into your treatment plan. If you need further resources on what this might look like ask! I have a couple great ones.

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