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T-Towel Technique

The T-towel is a great way to open the chest and decrease upper back, neck and shoulder pain. I recommend practicing it for 5-15 minutes three or more time per week. It is also particularly useful after any activity that rolls your shoulders forward for a length of time such as driving in the car, airline travel or computer work.


1. Roll up a bath towel

2. Roll up a hand towel

3. Place the bath towel so that it runs the length of your thoracic spine (from the knobby vertebrae at the base of your neck to the last vertebrae that has a rib attached to it).

4. Place the hand towel across the curve of your cervical spine so that the two towels form the shape of a capital T (from the base of your skull to the knobby vertebrae at the base of your neck). This supports your neck and is essential for keeping it safe!

5. Bend your knees at a 45° angle. This supports your low back and is essential for keeping it safe!

6. Imagine the two sides of your back curving around the surface of the bath towel until they come to rest on the ground.

7. When you are ready to increase the stretch, place arms out to either side at a 90° angle.


1. Depending on your flexibility you may need to adjust the diameter of the bath towel by leaving it some whatunrolled. You can increase the thickness of it as your body becomes more open. This is meant to be a pain-free exercise. Respect where your body is at!

2. Depending on the flexibility and curve of your body, you may need to use two or three hand towels. Supporting your neck is essential!

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