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Cup runneth over... imagining all the possibilities

It’s October 2nd. Day two of being “officially” open. Which is not to say that I am anywhere close to having everything in its correct place or my vision fully fleshed out. But the walls are painted, the quiet room furniture is in place and the windows in the massage room can’t be seen into.

In a very real way, I am happy that everything is not in place, that there are blank canvases for walls, and a table with all of my pretty things lined up across it waiting for a resting place in one of my tablescapes. I am happy because my clients will now be part of the evolution - whether as a viewer or as a participant.

And Peace and Good Things is nothing, if not that - evolution.

And man, what good bones we have to work with. This house is gorgeous. Full of light and walnut wood and history. The energy in the place is good. Clean. And my clients are awesome. Just the sort that I would like to take on this journey. And my family and friends. Wow. They have helped build this dream with love and dedication.And even the ones who mourned my departure understood as soon as they walked in. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I am blessed with a cup that runneth over.

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