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4143 Main Street - Our new home coming in October!

Lots of people are asking about our new location... it's ever evolving, but I can say this much...

It's a totally awesome, super old, historically rich house in a very cute and quaint and walkable 1850s downtown (Old HIlliard).

I need to venture to the historical society to learn more about the house's origins. But oh, the pink bathroom is now one of my favorites as I discovered that the ubiquitous 1950s pink bathrooms can be attributed to Mamie Eisenhower...

And there is lots of green space so I hear country sounds at night.

We will have a reception/boutique, a quiet room for before and after massage sessions, a small dining area for classes and buffets for social events, a movement room which will double as a second treatment room and a "happy nook" to help combat S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder).

We will build community that supports the individual and helps them to be THEIR version of healthy, happy and spiritually fulfilled. We will celebrate small victories, the seasons, uniqueness and diversity. It's gonna be awesome.

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