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Similar to raising up a healthy child, maintaining a healthy body/mind/spirit takes a village. So during my favorite things I wanted to highlight some of the people who keep me and people I love healthy and progressing towards our best selves. The body, mind and spirit are so interconnected that when you help one, you help them all. My village is wide ranging - from formal practitioners to my tribe of sister-friends. What does your village look like? Movement? Strength conditioning? Church community? A counselor to talk to? Your circle of friends and loved ones? Acupuncture? A holistically focused physician? Your dog? Your cat? Your pet parakeet? There are many ways to populate your village. If you need recommendations I have many that can be found under “good stuff” at our website. Don’t see what you need? Just ask! If I don’t know the right person, I might know the person who knows the person. (Say that sentence 10 times fast…heh) We highlighted one member of my village earlier this month - Endeavor Defense and Fitness... Just a heads up, the 30-day Crossfit Startup I wrote about starts December 5. For just $99, you get 9 classes that introduce you to all the basic movements and how to scale them so that you can start regular group classes during your final week. It’s a great way to “wake up” all the muscle groups in your body and will leave you measurably stronger. What a powerful way to start your new year. A strong body is a great foundation for health.



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