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Essential Oil Classes at the 'Nest

Peace and Good Things has a monthly Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet class at the 'Nest. I love offering an opportunity to learn about the healing power of plants. You will walk away armed with the knowledge of how to address common health concerns with alternatives to over the counter drugs. Medicinal plants are powerful, old medicine. They don't just treat symptoms. They encourage the body to address root causes and promote balance in the body. And the body is a powerful thing. If you give it the building blocks of health often times it will naturally right itself. But there is a little more to it than that. Events at the 'Nest are also opportunities to sit with some really cool people. They are an opportunity to feel nurtured, to talk about things that matter, to relax. And that, as much as anything else, promotes a soul satisfying kind of healing. Not to toot my own horn...but they're kinda awesome. Come play with us!

Check out our schedule here.

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