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Back to School means Back to YOU TIME!

As the kids prepare to go back to school I have noticed that, when they are on my table, parents have begun to say things that indicate that now they can begin getting back to themselves. Maybe exercising more. Maybe getting some extra projects done. Maybe discovering some new activities. There seems to be a bit of a revival going on. You might almost think it was the New Year.

Now you know I advocate self-care all year long and finding the balance between giving to others and taking care of yourself. But kids grow quickly and summer is a precious time. So I'm happy that my parent clients have immersed themselves in this fleeting time with their kids. But I'm also happy to hear them returning to themselves now. Preparing to prioritize their own health and well-being again.

And I'm happy to help. Here's a little encouragement...

Between now and Aug. 29, purchase a massage and receive $10 off! Massage must be booked prior to Aug. 29.

Use code youtime at checkout or mention it when booking!

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